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It seems like the actors and actresses that enjoy ass to mouth perform quite easily and without any hesitation. They make it seem so easy and effortless. However, in real life, you need to be a little bit more prepared, because it is not that simple. There are a couple of health issues to be considered, as well as some pleasure increasing tips because they can make the whole experience far more interesting and much more enjoyable. Here are some of them.


You will hardly enjoy something like this if you don’t get thoroughly prepared, regardless of the fact whether you are a proud booty or mouth owner. You don’t want it to be unpleasant for your partner any more than you want it to be unpleasant for yourself. Therefore, make sure that you don’t eat anything that causes gases, has distinct smell or taste. No spicy food whatsoever for an entire day. Also, remove all the unnecessary hair from around your butthole. Licking it is OK, flossing with your dirty butthole hair is not anybody’s idea of a sexy time. Of course, washing and thorough personal hygiene are essential. This action requires total cleanliness of both partners.


Your ass simply cannot be clean enough if you want somebody’s mouth to go there, not to mention the tongue that can slip inside. To make sure that you are all clean and lovely, perform an enema. Previously, people have done that at the doctors, but today, you can buy your own enema kits and do that in the comfort of your home. Make sure that you do it at least two hours before you plan on the lips and butt meeting. The liquids tend to ooze for a while after you perform the enema, so make sure they are all out.


There is only one danger here and that is the infection that may happen due to the contact with bacteria that live in your anus. However, thorough hygiene and good preparation should be enough to prevent such things.


There are so many amazing and hot positions in which you can bury your head or cock into somebody’s rear end. My personal favorite is bending the girl over the chair or armchair for better comfort, cuffing her hands and tearing her panties off. The beloved butt button opens up in the air, reachable and ready for my tongue play. This is the most favorite position for me, but you can experiment all you like. This is also pretty comfortable for your partner as well.


If you still don’t know what this means, this is the chance to learn. Rimming is the act of licking and tonguing somebody’s anus. When it is done right, it is really passionate, sexy and it turns on chicks like crazy. There are a lot of nervous endings in your anus, so it is very sensitive. Stimulating it right means that you will help your girl reach big climax much more easily and in a much more fun way. You don’t have to stop at circling the opening with your tongue, but you can slip it inside and penetrate it. Since the tongue is so soft and gentle, it will not be painful, but it will be a huge turn-on. Many lesbian girls love to do it after licking MILF pussy.


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These are not the things that you wouldn’t think about yourself, but it is good to have them all at one place, as this is how I do it, and I enjoy it with my partners all the time by sticking to these rules.


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I’ve always been intrigued by the thought of having a sexual intercourse with another woman. At 35 years, I’ve watched plenty of tubehoe mature lesbian videos, always being eager to see them enjoying themselves, and fascinated about their attraction to each other. There was something about them that was making me want to become a lesbian – perhaps the thought of having my pussy licked by another woman, or maybe it was only thinking that I’d be able to spank another pussy.

I can still remember my first erotic story – since writing has always been one of my talents, I was always trying to get into topics that could successfully fascinate my readers. Even though it was a short story, it had plenty of sexuality and naked woman within, with which the main character – 35-year-old Lucinda – was having intercourses with. There was, indeed, no need to think about any mature lesbian videos when I had this story always handy to read on.

One of the fragments was truly depraved, presenting Lucinda as a mind-blowing character with the ability to attract basically any woman.

“My friends, Dorinda, Amelia and Marie were always enjoying playing poker with me. I knew why – I was telling only sex-related jokes that, I was sure about it, were turning them on. And I knew that I could take advantage of their vulnerability to feel my wet pussy licked passionately – because they wanted it, but they were too shy to admit their sickness as normality.
“I challenge the one that loses first to lick my slutty pussy,” I said, looking at them curiously, to analyze their reactions closely. They didn’t say anything, though, and aside from looking at me, they weren’t doing anything either. The game began, and I was successfully checking and betting without actually caring about the outcome of the game. After a few hands, Marie lost.
“Now, Marie, what about the challenge?” I asked, placing my butt on the table, opening my legs and putting my panties aside without taking them off, showing my dripping wet pussy waiting to be licked. She started to rub my clit with one hand, while she was kissing me with her tongue. That was more than any mature lesbian videos, than any movies or imagination. She was spanking my pussy, asking me if I wanted her tongue to eat it, to drink my juices and make me come.

“Eat my pussy, Marie, I know you want it,” I said in a coarse voice, wanting her to suck on my clit. “You like that, don’t you, Lucinda? You like being a slut and having your slutty pussy licked,” she answered, licking my pussy with passion, pressing her tongue against my clit. “Make me come, dear, I want you to drink my juices.” She was rubbing my pussy, spanking it from time to time, kissing the clitoris and licking it gently. “I’m slut training you, do you like it?”

Dorinda and Amelia were kissing, visibly horny, rubbing their pussies through their pants. I was depraved – and I liked it, but what made me feel fully satisfied was that they were becoming depraved, too.”

Who needs any mature lesbian videos when this story, with its depraved sexuality, is more visual than any porn movie?


Ever since I and my boyfriend read about the Promicin 4400, we talked about how cool it would be to have sex on that pill. Perhaps even make an adult movie so that we could see each other fuck.

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Finally, one Saturday, he came to me, telling me that he has gotten hold of Promicin. I was so happy to hear that and so eager to try it. It says that using Promicin unlocks some parts of your brain that you don’t normally use, making you extra smart. I just imagined how hot it would be to use all that extra smart for fucking. So, we took the pills and poured it down with some scotch.

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